Adoption FAQ


  • I am interested in your kitten, but where shall I start?

Please fill out the kitten questionnaire, and email it to us. We will contact you to confirm we have approved the application. and will contact you for deposit(s). Once the deposit is received, you are on the waiting list. The waiting list works on a first come first serve basis. We will inform you once we have a kitten for you. 


  • How much are your pet kittens?

The total adoption price for our pet kittens is $2,000, and show kitten is $2,500. We encourage our buyers show their cats. Each of our show kittens will be rewarded $500 for his/her obtainment of its GCA title. 


  • How much is the holding deposit to reserve a kitten?



  • Is the holding deposit refundable?

The holding deposit is non refundable, or transferable. 


  • What are the differences between a pet and a show kitten?

A show kitten is a kitten with features overall better conformed to the Ragdoll standard. Cats usually are shy, but a show kitten must have an outgoing personality to be able to adopt to show environments. The show kitten will receive the registration paper stating the kitten is allowed to be showed as an Alter. Other than that, there is no major difference. All Ragdoll kitties from us are pedigree cats with sweet personalities. There are no health or characteristic differences between them.


  • What is your health Guarantee?

We take pride in our breedings. We will not release any kitten if there is any health issues. All kittens will be vet checked, microchipped and with up to date vaccinations.

We are a cattery free of FIV and FeLV. All our cats are healthy and have no chronic health issues. All cats in our breeding program have DNA clearances from Optimal Selection Smart Breeding Panel. The reports are available upon request. Our kitties are guaranteed free of any DNA detectable defects ( e.g. PKD, HCM).

 For more about the health guarantee, please see the sales contract for further details.


  • Can I have the pick of the litter?

Our buyers will receive pictures of the kitties frequently (at least twice a week). We will ask your preference of the litter once the litter reaches 2 months old. However, we are on a first come first serve basis, therefore whether you will get the kitten you selected depends on the preferences of those whom we have received a deposit from earlier. We will give the kittens a behavior test at 8 weeks. Our recommendation of a kitten may be different from your choice based upon the kitten’s personality, your life style and experience with cats. Please note, we retain the right to match our kitties with the right families. 


  • How do you assess the kittens temperament at this early age?

We adopt Volhard Attitude Test to test the kittens behavior. The test was originally designed for the puppies. We found it was helpful to assess the kittens temperament.

  • Is the kitten going to be fixed?

Most of our cats are sold without breeding rights. Therefore, the short answer is yes, they will be fixed. However, we will not fix any of our cats before 8 months old. Based on the education and research, we believe all mammals need the proper hormones to grow. We do not want to fix the kitten too early, and interrupt   hormone production, which may risk the overall health and life quality of our cats. Please note, there is a clause in the kitten sales contract stating that all our cats must be fixed before 1 year of age. No register paper will be issued to the buyer till we receive a copy of a spay/neuter certificate.


  • When can I bring the kitten home?

The kitties are normally ready to go home when they are 14-16 weeks old. Please note, for the health and mental benefit of the kitties, we will absolutely not releasing any of our kitties before 12 weeks.


  • What type of payment do you accept?

We accept Paypal, Venmo, and check for deposits. The remaining balance is due on the kitten pick up date. No kitten will be released without full payment clearance. We accept cash only for the pick-up day. Please note, no check will be accepted on the pick-up day.


  • Do you ship your kittens?

We can ship the kitten out from EWR and PHL. If needed, we can also use a courier service from the said airport. However, please note, the transporter is a third party, which we can not be liable for. The buyer will be liable for the cost of shipment. 


 If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us.


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